About DRYCO Construction, Inc.

DRYCO Construction, Inc. is a pavement maintenance, custom concrete, and small site general contractor that consistently earns customer respect for rapid response, effective solutions, and accountability for workmanship, cost, and schedule. Our objective is to provide our customers with the right combination of work and materials, responsive, flexible solutions, and scheduling at a competitive price. DRYCO serves the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California from its headquarters in Fremont, California.

The privately-held company was established in 1985 by Daren R. Young on the foundation of his family’s 20 years of experience in the paving industry. Daren, along with company vice president Rafael Torres, has developed DRYCO into one of the most reputable pavement and concrete construction companies in the area. DRYCO is known for top-quality performance and commitment to long-term customer relationships.

Our Mission

DRYCO will constantly improve the delivery of a high standard of quality and service at competitive prices that collectively represent greater than promised value to our customers. This will be done while sustaining an environment that encourages our employees to realize their maximum potential.

DRYCO will be a resource to our customers providing valuable information and experience in a way that assists customers with the planning and implementation of all aspects of the installation, maintenance, and repair of paved surfaces, including related grading and concrete construction. DRYCO believes it is our responsibility to use our knowledge and expertise to help our customers be competitive in their markets by helping them consistently achieve lowest total cost of ownership of related assets.


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