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We are committed to cost reduction, unmatched customer service, and the highest level of quality workmanship delivered on schedule.

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We understand the special regulations for the construction, configuration, and spacing of parking lots. Even the landscaping, drainage, and pollution factors can have a significant impact on your asphalt’s lifespan and is important to consider. We work from the ground up, including proper grading and compaction of sub-grade, a substantial section of base rock, and the right thickness of asphalt that has been properly compacted.

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“Working with Dryco Construction is one of complete confidence. They are professional from start to finish with their detailed proposals, communication throughout a project, realistic projections and quality work. At the end of the day you have a client/contractor relationship that is invaluable. The Fremont Bank Facilities Dept.”

—Beth Fancher, Facilities Manager, Fremont Bank

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DRYCO means less frustration, work load, and cost for customers as they plan and implement pavement maintenance and small site construction projects. Whether the work involves developing multi-year pavement maintenance plans, specifying specific project scope, or performing construction projects, DRYCO provides fast, responsive, quality work no matter what size the project. We are skilled at ADA compliance and a range of custom concrete solutions so that customers do not have to find separate contractors when these capabilities are required.


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“I have been working with DRYCO for the past 15 years on various projects, and they have always been consistently professional. They are committed to customer satisfaction. The crew and everyone in the office has always been helpful and provided me with excellent customer service.

—Ed, Pierce Property Management

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We Stand for Quality

A company that stands for quality.

DRYCO Construction, Inc. is a pavement maintenance, custom concrete, and small site general contractor that consistently earns customer respect for rapid response, effective solutions, and accountability for workmanship, cost, and schedule. Our objective is to provide our customers with the right combination of work and materials, responsive, flexible solutions, and scheduling at a competitive price. DRYCO serves the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California from its headquarters in Fremont, California.

The privately-held company was established in 1985 by Daren R. Young on the foundation of his family’s 20 years of experience in the paving industry. Daren has helped develop DRYCO into one of the most reputable pavement and concrete construction companies in the area. DRYCO is known for top-quality performance and commitment to long-term customer relationships.



Difference Between Asphalt & Concrete – Basics & Typical Uses

When dealing with pavement maintenance, there are two types of pavement that you probably already recognize as asphalt and concrete.

Believe it or not, these two types of pavement are more similar than you might think, and I am not talking about how they are both flat and you can drive on them, etc… That’s a given.  What I mean is that they both consist of roughly the same materials, with the differentiating factor being the binding agent.

Let’s break it down…  First we will take a look at asphalt.

Asphalt Sample
Asphalt Sample

Asphalt Cement Concrete (Commonly called asphalt) is made up of:
– Sand
– Rock
– Liquid Asphalt Asphalt Cement (Manufactured from Crude Oil)

Now let’s take a look at concrete.

Concrete Sample
Concrete Sample

Portland Cement Concrete (Commonly called concrete) is made up of:
– Sand
– Rock
– Portland Cement (Manufactured from Lime Stone)

As you can see in the closeup pictures, both samples contain sand and bits of rock with the difference being the binder.

Both asphalt and concrete have their strengths and weaknesses, and which one you choose to go with will be determined largely by the way that you plan to use it.

Typical Uses for Concrete Pavement
– Bridges
– Dumpster Slabs
– Airport Runways
– Streets & Highways
– Small Residential Driveways

Typical Uses for Asphalt Pavement
– Parking Lots
– Playgrounds
– Airport Taxiways
– Streets & Highways
– Large Driveways
For more information about the differences between asphalt and concrete, visit our YouTube channel.

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