Palo Alto Concrete Job Highlight

Project Description


“We chose DRYCO for this project because of the company’s outstanding reputation and quality pumping equipment. We’ve been really happy with the decision, and Anthony has been awesome to work with. The two concrete pumps have performed flawlessly and have enabled our company the confidence to commit to fast-track scheduling.”

Development Specifications

  • Four-story mixed-use development (94 housing units, ground-floor restaurant and retail, and underground parking)
  • 34,246 sq ft mixed use building between downtown and beachfront Santa Cruz
  • Anticipated project completion in early 2018

Scope of Work

  • 8,700 cubic yards of concrete for entire building
  • 4,000 cubic yards for three large mat pours for underground parking structure
  • 150 structural columns
  • Concrete for pan decking on each floor


  • Power lines surrounding the construction site, which required precise boom placement
  • High volume of concrete laid down simultaneously

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4 Great Tools To Be Thankful For This Thanksgiving

For many Americans, Thanksgiving is a wonderful time; a holiday filled with food, football and family. But, along with the joys of Turkey Day, there are some drawbacks, namely traveling, traffic and — you guessed it — family. Technology may not have all the answers to crowded airports, honking drivers and nosy in-laws, but it can make life a little easier during the holidays.

With Thanksgiving just a couple weeks away, here are four new technologies we should all feel very thankful for this holiday season:

1. Serenita

Thanksgiving means relatives and, for some of us, that means stress. “Serenity now!” is what Frank Costanza exclaimed several times in an iconic episode of Seinfeld to help him stay calm under stress. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out too well for him, nor would it for us.

Serenita, a new relaxation app developed by Eco-Fusion, accurately measures users’ stress levels, helping them lower their stress throughout the day by following a simple five-minute exercise tailored specifically to them.

The app acquires data from the user’s finger by turning the mobile device’s camera into a biomedical sensor (PPG) and uses it to peer into the user’s bloodstream. It then extracts biomedical markers regarding heart rate, heart rate variability and blood flow and finally processes the data to assess the user’s stress and focus level.

“Although yoga and meditation are both great for stress reduction, most stressed people do not have the time or patience to practice them,” explained Dr. Oren Fuerst, chairman and founder of Eco-Fusion. “Serenita provides ‘bite-size treatment’ that is too easy and too effective to say no to. Because Serenita reads the user’s biometric data in real time, it can provide the most effective stress reduction exercise per minute spent. For users who suffer from stress or lack of focus, five minutes a day with our app could quite literally change their lives.”

2. Navion

Surely, many of us have pleasant childhood memories of piling into the family car on Thanksgiving afternoon to drive to grandpa and grandma’s house for dinner. Back then, “distracted driving” referred to us kids in the back seat making too much noise and dad threatening us with, “Don’t make me pull this car over and come back there!”

Today, distracted driving has taken on a whole new meaning. And it typically involves the use of a cell phone or other electronic device used to text or check social networks. Distracted driving can be visual (taking your eyes off the road), manual (taking your hands off the wheel) or cognitive (taking your mind off of driving).

WayRay a Swiss innovator in connected cars and holographic navigation, is a startup using cutting-edge technology not to distract drivers, but rather to keep them focused on the road ahead. The company has developed a new way to interface with all the information we need when we drive — without distracting the driver.

Navion, WayRay’s holographic navigation system — set to be released this coming year — is a small device that sits on a car’s dashboard and projects holographic GPS imagery onto the road ahead, as well as providing safety information. Navion responds to simple hand gestures, making it safe for drivers, and also integrates with smartphones to provide access to phones, email and social networks when the car is stopped.

5 Reasons Why You Should Install A Fence Around Your Property

The fence installed around your property, home, farm or even school is the first thing that people will see when they visit. You have to install a fence that stands out from the rest. The fence should also be maintenance- free. There are various types of fences in the market including woodvinylchain-linkfarm, and aluminum ones.

If you are a realtor and you are looking for clients to sell your home to, you have to impress them with the privacy they will be enjoying once they purchase your property. A poorly chosen fence, such as a chain-link one, offers very little security and privacy to a home; hence, it is not advised for securing a property. Bamboo fences, on the other hand, shouldn’t be used in cold climates as they can quickly rot away. That being said, you need to think critically about the reasons for your need for the installation of a fence, even before the start of budgeting process for the fence.  You should first be asking yourself about the kind of property which you own. For instance, if you have a farm and thousands of acres of land, you would require installing a farm fence and not a wooden fence because it would be expensive to maintain such a large fence in the long run.

Added Privacy

Privacy is the one of the most important things that everyone takes into account before they purchase a property. Whether you are watching a movie with your significant other or sunbathing, it’s great to know that someone isn’t watching you, because you have installed a fence around your property. A person won’t purchase a property if it has a poorly designed fence because this would mean that the buyer won’t be assured of their privacy, even if the property is unique and is the most exceptional home in the town or city.

Fences, as stated above, accord different levels of security. For instance wooden and vinyl fences would be preferred to chain-link ones. Chain-link fences are see-through and don’t offer any form of privacy, when compared to the other types of fences. If you have pets, (e.g., dogs) wood, vinyl, or electric fences would be preferred to prevent them from unnecessarily barking at the neighbors. Also, it would stop animal abusers from mistreating your dogs.


Security is one of the main reasons why people invest in fences. I know you wouldn’t want to live in a home without a fence, especially if you reside in an area prone to high cases of crime. Areas with high levels of crime are equipped with wooden fences and probably an electric mesh on the top of the wooden fence, to prevent any intruders.

A fence will come in handy if you live in an area that has proximity to a wildlife reserve, as it will prevent wild animals from entering your property and causing harm to you and your family. If you have children, siblings or pets, a fence will prevent abductions.

Marking Of Property

Land is a scarce resource. If you have a large farm of thousands of acres or even a small plot measuring less than an acre, marking your property is imperative, as it will prevent people from encroaching it. Erecting a fence is the best way of marking where your land starts and ends. It will help you avoid disputes with your neighbors; such problems can sometimes lead to expensive lawsuits.

In addition to the prevention of encroachment, installing a fence will also help you to know how much space is remaining on your property, so that you can plan accordingly if you have any renovations or additions in mind. You may wish to add a swing set or   small pool for your kids, so knowing the size of your land will help you determine the size of the pool and the kind of swing set which you can get for your kids or younger siblings.

Marking your property using a fence will also help you determine where your maintenance activities begin and end, such as clearing the lawn, picking up dirt or gathering fallen leaves.

Safety Purposes

Fence off your home to ensure the safety of your kids, younger siblings or pets, especially dogs. A fence will keep them confined to your compound, preventing them from wandering in your neighborhood and possibly leading to unfortunate incidents.

A fence is particularly critical if your kids or pets love to play in the yard and if there is a road close to your home. They could easily wander towards the road and get hit by a car or abducted. If your dog is the aggressive kind, a fence will allow it to play without you worrying that it might attack passersby. You could put up signs on your fence, warning your neighbors about your dog. Fences can help prevent incidents such as drowning as you can use it as a warning sign to prevent people from using the pool without your permission.

Decorative Purposes

Some fencing types add a decorative appeal to your property, as they have ornamental elements on them. Such types of fences will add an instant appeal to your house, thus increasing the value of your home. A good, high-quality fence is always a great investment. You will then end up reselling your property at higher costs, which will be more profitable for you.   When choosing a fence, it’s advisable to pick a design that will match the look of your neighborhood. If you live in one of those neighborhoods or communities that have a defined type of fence, you are required to install, then you will have fewer choices

10 Things to Know Before You Build a Fence

Know What You Want

Before you install a fence, ask yourself what your reason is for installing it. If it’s strictly utilitarian — keeping the dog in the yard — you can probably get by with a basic chain-link fence. If you’re looking to block noise or add privacy, you will want something tall and solid. Chances are your wishes are complex: You want to protect pets, but you also want to add a decorative element to your home’s exterior. Whatever its purpose, a fence can function in many ways, but the first step is deciding what you’re looking for to choose one that works for you.

A white picket fence is quintessential, but before you buy wood posts and whitewash, think about the commitment you’re making. Wood fences may require occasional staining or sealing and can warp and rot over time. Consider a low-maintenance material, such as vinyl, that offers the look of wood without the elbow grease. Other material options include aluminum, steel, wrought iron, and bamboo.

If cost is an issue, mix different types of fences. Wood picket fencing could be placed at the front of the home, for example, connecting to chain link fencing in the back. No only will this combination fence potentially save installation costs, but it also will reduce the amount of fence that might require repainting.

Inquire with homeowners or neighborhood associations and municipal building code officials regarding covenants that dictate fencing look, height, and material. City and neighborhood rules may specify the better-looking side of a fence (the side that doesn’t show posts and rails) be placed toward the public face of the property. Ask how far a fence has to be set back from sidewalks and property lines, and find out if your fence project will require a building permit.

Landscaping can be used to protect your home from weather and views and to mark property lines. Remember, local building codes and neighborhood fence rules may cover such living walls. Additionally, you’ll need to ensure that planted materials don’t overgrow such restrictions in the future.


Ardagh Group Job Highlight

Project Description

Scope of Work

  • Remove and replace 67,930 square feet of failed concrete in 13 locations over eight phases
  • Sawcut concrete to five-foot squares
  • Load and off-haul concrete
  • Cement-treat existing baser material and compact
  • Set #4 rebar at 18” on center
  • Set ¾” dowels at 12” on center into existing concrete
  • Install dowel baskets with ¾” smooth dowels at 12” on center at all joints
  • Pour 8” thick concrete slab with 5,000 PSI, 7 sack concrete.
  • Total concrete poured was around 1,900 cubic yards
  • Sawcut approximately 30,000 linear feet to cut up existing concrete
  • Schedule/duration from start to finish: Eight weeks


  • Restrictions to work hours
  • Facility operations had to continue at this large trucking / distribution center without interruption, with 150 to 200 trucks in and out per day. We phased the job out as to not disturb the operations of the customer. We kept areas neat and secure and equipment out of the way.
  • Work was completed in the fourth quarter, and weather was a factor. We met the original deadlines despite days of rain. For example, if we had rain on Monday we accelerated and extended our work on Tuesday when there was no rain.
  • Match preexisting hardscape.
  • Physical obstacles—lots of large semi-trucks moving in and out daily. Especially tough when pouring the drive isles. They were 30’ wide and we were doing 15’ of it at a time. Large semi trucks traveling right beside the work area. Then on pour days you were adding 22-27 concrete trucks to the traffic.

Project Details


  • Concrete Repair
  • Sawcut
  • Load and Off-haul Concrete
  • Cement Treatment


  • Demolition (4)
  • Cement Treatment (4)
  • Set Up (7)
  • Pour (15)


Jones Lang Lasalle • Irvine, California


2600 Stanford Court • Fairfield, California

Wood Fence Panels vs Metal Fence Panels

It’s time to put up that fence, but there are so many choices to choose from when it comes to wood fence panels and metal fence panels that it’s hard to make a decision. The below information explores the various pros and cons of choosing wood or metal for your fence panels.

Wood Is Most Popular

You will find that wood, even today, is the most popular choice for fence options. Most fences you come across will be made of wood.

Wood Is Easy

Wood is easy to work with. Wood is mainly worked with using only a hammer and nails. It’s also easy to find. Lumber yards and local home supply shops will carry new wood, or wood can be salvaged from old homes and projects for a different look. Different sizes, different treatments and different looks are available.

Wood Is Eco-friendly

Wood is a natural material, and is renewable. Basically if you want to get down to it, when you are working with wood, you are really working with trees.

Wood Is Not so Durable

Wood is not as durable as metal. Wood will be subject to insects, rot, and old age, making it weak.  While there are treatments ad protectants available, wood will eventually fall pray to damage.

Wood Is at Risk from Heavy Weather

Wood can be damaged by any weather if not treated right, but the best treatments cannot protect a wood fence from high winds or heavy snow.

Metal Has Options

There are different kinds of metals you can use for your fence. There is aluminum, wrought iron, and chain link. Each have their benefits, and each have their downfalls.

Metal Can Rust

Most metal materials actually will not rust. The exception is wrought iron, which is prone to rust. Rust will create structural weaknesses over time. Wrought iron must be painted regularly to protect it from rust.

The Look of Metal

Wrought iron is beautiful, very pleasing to the eye. Aluminum gives the look of wrought iron and is also pleasing to the eye, even though it doesn’t give you a wide variety of colors to choose from. Chain link, however, is not so pretty. We’ve all seen chain link and it will never win an award for any designing competition. However, there are chain links that are coated with vinyl in different colors, so it may add a little character to it.

Metal Is Strong

Most metal materials are very strong. Aluminum is the exception. Aluminum is to be seen and not touched. If you are looking for a fence that your kids can touch without worry, aluminum would not be the choice for you. Wrought iron and chain link, however, are very strong and can withstand a lot.

Some Metals Make Better DIY Projects than Others

Choosing the right material is up to you, and if actually installing your fence is something you wish to finish yourself, choosing either aluminum or chain link is the right metal material to go with. Wrought iron should have some soldering done, which makes it a little more complicated on your part.

Hopefully you are feeling more confident in choosing which material is right for you. Weigh out the above information,and just remember that the material needs to do exactly what you are looking for.