Cement Makes the Modern World Possible

Concrete is one of those technologies that was used for centuries—in this case, by the Romans—and then had to be invented again centuries later. But once we rediscovered it, we were hooked. The only thing that humans consume more of, by volume, than water is cement, concrete’s key ingredient. We use so much of the stuff that the cement industry is responsible, all on its own, for 5 percent of global carbon dioxide emissions.

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DRYCO specializes in concrete repairs and all manner of tenant improvements. Over the years we have crafted our own concrete repair methods that leave your concrete looking flawless. Whether you require concrete parking lot repairs or interior concrete floors, DRYCO offers the entire range of concrete solutions—including concrete block wall construction, (which is typically used for constructing small buildings, standalone walls, and retaining walls), decorative hardscape, and our own concrete pumping division.


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