Project Highlight — eBay Concrete work


Project Description

Scope of Work

Site Demolition and Excavation

  • 8500SF of site demolition of old concrete hardscapes and utilities
  • 3500SF of landscaping excavation with protection of existing trees
  • 150LF demolition of concrete walls and trellis
  • Demolition of concrete stage and ramp
  • 4500SF of new grading for new hardscape
  • Removal of existing underground drainage system
  • Protection of surrounding office windows and decorative walls
  • Installation of new underground drainage system


  • 4200SF of new decorative concrete flatwork with autumn beige color and salt finish
  • 1000SF of new pavers with a running bond pattern and Venetian finish.
  • 2200SF of new IPE Wood decking
  • 300SF of concrete walkway with exposed aggregate
  • 60LF of new concrete planter wall with color matching flatwork
  • 60LF of new concrete walls with integral color matching adjacent walls
  • 240LF of new Planter Trough and planter curbs


  • Working within a live operating building space with a massive amount off underground utilities to work around.
  • Working fast paced schedule within a limited amount of hours each day due to strict noise compliance
  • 40 day turnover for 100% completion

Project Team

  • Project Manager- David Schaefer
  • Project Superintendent- Dennis Roediger
  • Job site Foreman-Noe Martinez

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