DRYCO was awarded $7,500 on behalf of Niles Rotary Foundation

Thursday, November 3rd, Pentarisk, a leading construction insurance broker with offices in San Jose, Atlanta, Chicago and Birmingham, held the 2nd Annual Contractors Invitational Charity Bocce Tournament.  The event was a huge success which included participation from 25 leading construction companies in the East Bay coming together to raise funds for local charities. 

Congratulations to DRYCO as the First Place Winner!  DRYCO was awarded $7,500 on behalf of Niles Rotary Foundation where $2,500 will finish off their Chili Pepper Challenge fundraising campaign where they raised over $40,000. This will allow $5,000. to be disbursed to 8 local charities that serve the underprivileged within the Fremont/Newark/Union City communities.  The remaining $5,000. in proceeds will finish off funding for the Endana Grant for the Segera Mission Water Project, whereby the drilling of a “Bore Hole” or deep well will benefit 3,000 people in an area where 2,000 children die each year from diseases linked to unsafe water.

Daren R. Young, CEO, DRYCO stated “It’s a wonderful opportunity when so many outstanding organizations can come together towards a common goal and be a catalyst for change. These funds are a blessing and will allow us to finish off two very important Rotary projects” 


 DRYCO Team Picture:  left to right: Ron Saisi, VP of Sales; Taylor Zamaroni, Jr. Estimator;  Steve Saisi, Estimator; Kate Powers, Jr. Estimator; Daren R. Young, CEO; Alan Berger, Chief Operations Manager


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