Up for the Challenge

The “Big” challenge this season was to meet the deadline for 5 schools.

Two were part of the New Haven Unified School District and Three were part of the San Lorenzo School District.

The project involved all divisions at DRYCO, and all had deadlines with very little time to complete. After several meetings between ALL of the Operations and the Estimator (Alan Dalmaso) as well as the representatives from the school districts, DRYCO agreed to accept the challenge!

Each project included adding additional parking areas and bus pickup areas. The Asphalt Division’s Superintendent, Bob Schaefer took the lead in coordinating all divisions and assisted Alan in managing all the information changes. He also coordinated all the inspections, as well as having all staking performed. Bob was a central point of information in coordinating between all the parties involved.

To recap the work performed, DRYCO began by Grading each site, digging Bio-Swales, installing new underground drainage and catch basins, placing the rock for the Concrete Division, and assisting the Fence Division with the proper layout. Once compaction testing was completed, the Asphalt division installed the Base-rock for the Concrete Division. The Concrete division then came in and formed all the new walkways, curbs, new handicap ramps, and trash enclosures. During the process of installing curbs, the Fence Division came in and set their posts in preparation. Upon completion of installing the new concrete, the asphalt division returned to touch up all the grades and proceeded to pave all the new drive areas. With the new asphalt down, Bob assisted sub-contractors in installing new landscaping and lighting and to assist DRYCO’s Sealcoat and Striping Divisions to put the final touch on each of the new parking lots.

It took a major team effort to complete in such a short period of time, but with the coordination of Bob and Alan working with the other Division Managers and Sub-contactors, DRYCO came through and met the challenge.

loenzo-4hespeian-2Hesperian 1.jpegCorvalis 2.jpeg


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