Fremont Bank


Project Description

Scope of Work

  • Required approximately 100,000 SF of seal coat
  • Crack fillings and about 15 Gallons of paint all done in four moves
  • Replaced 80 broken wheel stops that surrounded the building


  • Strong winds which made the spraying process difficult
  • Falling leaves required constant blowing off of the lot in order to maintain a clean surface

Project Details


  • Seal coating
  • Striping
  • Replaced broken wheel stops


  • Our foreman on site was Pedro Flores and our seal coat labors included Daniel Flores, Diego Martinez and Daniel Zamora
  • Striping crew was composed of three men. Our foreman on site was Arturo Aguilar and the striping labors included Humberto Flores and Alfonso Zuniga


Fremont Bank Fremont, California


25151 Clawiter Rd Hayward, California

Asphalt repairs and maintenance you can count on.
Repair, remove, recycle, resurface—DRYCO incorporates the latest asphalt technologies in all repairs we perform, from pot hole repair, ADA improvements, and overlay to full-depth replacement (FDR). We provide comprehensive services for all stages of pavement engineering and maintenance including conform grinding, parking lot resurface and overlay, ADA site compliance, cement treatments, pulverize in place, drainage solutions for extended life, driveway repairs, trenching, asphalt berms, and speed bumps.


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