Ardagh Group Concrete Project

Project Description

Scope of Work

  • Remove and replace 67,930 square feet of failed concrete in 13 locations over eight phases
  • Sawcut concrete to five-foot squares
  • Load and Off-haul concrete
  • Cement treat existing baser material and compact
  • Set #4 rebar at 18” on center
  • Set ¾” dowels at 12” on center into existing concrete
  • Install dowel baskets with ¾” smooth dowels at 12” on center at all joints
  • Pour 8” thick concrete slab with 5000 PSI, 7 sack concrete.
  • Total concrete poured was around 1,900 cubic yards
  • Sawcut approximately 30,000 lineal feet to cut up existing concrete
  • Schedule/duration from start to finish: Eight weeks


  • Restrictions to work hours
  • Facility operations had to continue at this large trucking / distribution center without interruption, with 150 to 200 trucks in and out per day. We phased the job out as to not disturb the operations of the customer. We kept areas neat and secure and equipment out of the way.
  • Did the work from three week in September to the beginning of November. Weather was an issue but we moved as needed not to miss a day (i.e. Rain on a Monday, we hit it hard Tuesday for demo, pushed cement treatment back a day and hit it hard to form and set rebar all in one day to keep the Friday pour schedule.
  • Matching to preexisting hardscape—had to match all existing hardscape.
  • Physical obstacles—lots of large semi trucks moving in and out daily. Especially tough when pouring the drive isles. They were 30’ wide and we were doing 15’ of it at a time. Large semi trucks traveling right beside the work area. Then on pour days you were adding 22-27 concrete trucks to the traffic.


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