Ardagh Group Concrete Project

Project Description

Scope of Work

  • Remove and replace 67,930 square feet of failed concrete in 13 locations over eight phases
  • Sawcut concrete to five-foot squares
  • Load and Off-haul concrete
  • Cement treat existing baser material and compact
  • Set #4 rebar at 18” on center
  • Set ¾” dowels at 12” on center into existing concrete
  • Install dowel baskets with ¾” smooth dowels at 12” on center at all joints
  • Pour 8” thick concrete slab with 5000 PSI, 7 sack concrete.
  • Total concrete poured was around 1,900 cubic yards
  • Sawcut approximately 30,000 lineal feet to cut up existing concrete
  • Schedule/duration from start to finish: Eight weeks


  • Restrictions to work hours
  • Facility operations had to continue at this large trucking / distribution center without interruption, with 150 to 200 trucks in and out per day. We phased the job out as to not disturb the operations of the customer. We kept areas neat and secure and equipment out of the way.
  • Did the work from three week in September to the beginning of November. Weather was an issue but we moved as needed not to miss a day (i.e. Rain on a Monday, we hit it hard Tuesday for demo, pushed cement treatment back a day and hit it hard to form and set rebar all in one day to keep the Friday pour schedule.
  • Matching to preexisting hardscape—had to match all existing hardscape.
  • Physical obstacles—lots of large semi trucks moving in and out daily. Especially tough when pouring the drive isles. They were 30’ wide and we were doing 15’ of it at a time. Large semi trucks traveling right beside the work area. Then on pour days you were adding 22-27 concrete trucks to the traffic.


What Our Customers are Saying…

“Working with Dryco Construction is one of complete confidence. They are professional from start to finish with their detailed proposals, communication throughout a project, realistic projections and quality work. At the end of the day you have a client/contractor relationship that is invaluable. The Fremont Bank Facilities Dept.”

—Beth Fancher, Facilities Manager, Fremont Bank

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One Company. Many Solutions. No Hassle.

DRYCO means less frustration, work load, and cost for customers as they plan and implement pavement maintenance and small site construction projects. Whether the work involves developing multi-year pavement maintenance plans, specifying specific project scope, or performing construction projects, DRYCO provides fast, responsive, quality work no matter what size the project. We are skilled at ADA compliance and a range of custom concrete solutions so that customers do not have to find separate contractors when these capabilities are required.


Another Job Done Well!

“Dryco paving created a loading zone/parking area for our Community Center.  Their expertise in design helped create a very effective and good design.  The work was done as planned on time and within the budget set! I was most impressed with the commitment from Ryan Saisi, Estimator/Project Mtgr.  He was easy to work with and showed al ot of concern that the project was completed on time and per the design.  He took the extra effort to ensure I was pleased with the project and was able to adjust some minor changes I requested–in particular skate board blocks on the curbs.   The pavers / laborers represented Dryco well by maintaining a clean and organized project area.  The area has heavy vehicle and foot traffic and all areas of safety were addressed during the project. Well done Dryco!!!”

Jim Lange Senior Services / Community Center Supervisor

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No Job is Too Large for DRYCO.

With annual revenues of over $50 million, we are one of the largest pavement maintenance contractors and one of only a very few who offer customers the full range of capabilities needed to accomplish annual pavement maintenance and small site construction programs. We have nearly 300 employees and over 50 crews, which allows us to manage customer projects throughout the very tight summer construction months. From parking lots and service stations to complex and decorative concrete projects, DRYCO offers a full spectrum of construction services.

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DRYCO Helps Property Managers

“I have been working with DRYCO for the past 15 years on various projects, and they have always been consistently professional. They are committed to customer satisfaction. The crew and everyone in the office has always been helpful and provided me with excellent customer service.

—Ed, Pierce Property Management

How DRYCO Helps Property Managers

DRYCO Mission

Our promise to deliver the highest standard of quality.

DRYCO will constantly improve the delivery of a high standard of quality and service at competitive prices that collectively represent greater than promised value to our customers. This will be done while sustaining an environment that encourages our employees to realize their maximum potential.

DRYCO will be a resource to our customers providing valuable information and experience in a way that assists customers with the planning and implementation of all aspects of the installation, maintenance, and repair of paved surfaces, including related grading and concrete construction. DRYCO believes it is our responsibility to use our knowledge and expertise to help our customers be competitive in their markets by helping them consistently achieve lowest total cost of ownership of related assets.

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