DRYCO Green Practices

DRYCO Green Practices

The industry leader in recycling.

 DRYCO Construction, Inc. is big on recycling jobs. Whether for a patch repair or a total reconstruction job, we have taken the challenge to help our environment in every way possible. By becoming one of the leading recyclers of asphalt and concrete in the Bay Area, we’ve extended our commitment to earth-friendly practices to each of our customers.

 Our recycling process begins with high-powered crushers, screens, and conveyors that turn would-be landfill into usable building materials. The end product is a strong, long-lasting, coarse material that is tested and rated as class #2 base rock. We grind up all of the asphalt and concrete that comes off our jobs and reuse it for future projects.

 We also use other by-products, resulting in less haul-off and landfill refuse. Crews separate wood and metal from job site debris and place it in specified dumpsters for recycling at our facility. Many times, excess material like grindings can be reused on-site or moved to other sites to be used as sub-base material on DRYCO jobs.

 Soil is another material that we reuse as part of our Go Green approach. When a project has earthwork that requires us to haul off soil, we take it to our recycle yard and screen it into a usable sub-base material. We stockpile any soil with integrated organic material, allow it to decompose, and then use it as topsoil for landscaping purposes.

 DRYCO is always thinking of our environment when bidding asphalt paving and concrete repair jobs. We are the industry leaders in recycling and the only pavement maintenance company in the Bay Area that has its own in-house recycle facility.

 Bottom line: when you contract with DRYCO you are not only choosing the best, you’re choosing the greenest!




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