When Should You Seal Coat?

Seal Coating
Pavement Maintenance is a necessity for your asphalt, and there’s no better protection then a seal coat. We recommend seal coating every 3 to 5 years depending on usage and weather, and like many other construction services there’s a season for it. The best time to seal is from April through October (summer/beginning of fall), after that it is very difficult to guarantee a quality seal coat and here’s why: A seal coat loves the heat and the long sunny days of summer. It needs the warmth of the sun to dry and cure properly. When winter arrives it brings with it shorter days and cold/wet weather. The seal coat does not have adequate time to dry and breaks apart under normal wear and tear.

At DRYCO we’ll work as long as we can guarantee DRYCO quality, whether it’s seal coating, remove and replace, or overlaying. However, the moment the cold sets in we have to double check the conditions and see if we can still provide certain services. Over the years we have found that the jobs that get sealed in December are always the first to get resealed in April. Unfortunately we cannot predict the end of the season so our best advice is to schedule the jobs as soon as possible and get as much work in before winter comes. Below is a calendar of services offered throughout the year; however, it varies depending on the weather.

Paving Season
Not sure if it’s the correct season for a specific type of job? Give us a call and we’ll let you know (510) 438-6500.

Or check us out at www.DRYCO.com


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