Looking Out For Our Customers’ Customers

          Sometimes it can be difficult to find the time for pavement maintenance.  Sometimes the business flow just doesn’t allow for it during the work week, and you have no other choice than to try and get the work done on the weekend.

          At DRYCO, we understand that these circumstances occur, and we make it our priority to accommodate our customers so that they can accommodate their customers.  We don’t just care about the customers we work with.. we care about our customers’ customers, and want to ensure a smooth operation to keep the inconvenience across all levels to a minimum.

          Working on the weekends for DRYCO does not just pertain to the crews that show up to do the work.  For weekend jobs, we have to specially open the plants to get the materials needed to perform the work for that day.

          In recent weeks, we have had crews work full Sundays at various Wells Fargo locations.  Because banks have so much parking lot traffic on a daily basis, we could not shut their parking lot down during regular business hours to do the work.  In order to complete the work, we had to schedule the work to be done Sundays, when the bank is closed.

DRYCO at Wells Fargo
(Click to Enlarge)
DRYCO at Wells Fargo
(Click to Enlarge)
DRYCO at Wells Fargo
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We truly care about every facet of our relationship with our customers,
and will do whatever we can to make everything work out for all.

If you have a need for concrete, fencing, or parking lot repairs,
just give DRYCO a call at 510-438-6500!



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