Game Courts & Playground Construction

Basketball Courts, Tennis Courts, Playground Blacktop and More

DRYCO is your Bay Area, Northern California, and Central Valley tennis court contractor. We have been building courts for private homes, towns, and corporate office parks for over 25 years; we build, stripe, and fence all of our projects. We have experience building game courts of all sizes, outdoor basketball courts, street hockey courts, and tennis court construction. We also offer blacktop and tennis court resurfacing, leveling, and striping. For new courts we provide complete construction including excavation, grading, drainage systems, and retaining walls followed by surfacing, coloring, and precision striping. Either way, you get the convenience of just one company satisfying all your court needs from start to finish.

  • Multi-Court Construction
  • New Court Construction
  • Plexi-Pave
  • Court Repairs and Resurfacing
  • Court Lighting Tennis Court Fencing
  • Tennis Court Construction

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