DRYCO Community Involvement

Giving back to the community is an important priority to us.

DRYCO is committed to giving back to the San Francisco, Greater Bay Area, and Sacramento communities—over the years we have averaged more than four community projects a year. Our employees have the same spirit, which extends not only into the local communities where they live but also across borders into other countries. Take a moment and see the community projects that DRYCO has been involved with the last few years. We have many projects already planned for 2014, so check back to see the status and pictures as we complete them! Find out more about the organization at www.goodtidings.org.

Good Tidings Foundation – The Good Tidings Foundation is one of DRYCO’s key partners in helping out our community; they support The Bay Area youth in numerous ways by partnering with the local sports teams to design, fund and build youth athletic facilities.

Joe Lacob Basketball Court – On April 27th, 2011 the Joe Lacob basketball court was unveiled at Haight Elementary in Alameda. The Good Tidings foundation and the Golden State Warriors teamed up with DRYCO to rebuild the basketball court at the school. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE DEDICATION CEREMONY

Christmas in April – Christmas In April is an annual project to rebuild low income houses within the Bay Area communities. FIND OUT MORE HERE

Mosswood Park Oakland – On May 25, the Good Tidings Foundation, Golden State Warriors and Kaiser Permanente teamed up with DRYCO to renovate two new basketball courts at Mosswood Park in Oakland. Some of the great legends began their journey to the NBA in the park such as Bill Russell, Jason Kidd, Gary Payton and Dwight Gooden. DRYCO refurbished Mosswood’s tennis courts as well, once the basketball courts were completed. CLICK HERE TO SEE PICTURES

Oakland Schools Police after school program Basketball Court Whiffle and Kickball Field – On July 13, the Good Tidings Foundation, in partnership with the Golden State Warriors teamed up with DRYCO to build two new basketball courts for the Oakland Schools Police’s Together We Can program, where Oakland Police mentor and play sports with Oakland youth.

On July 29th, the Good Tidings Foundation and the Oakland Athletics teamed up with DRYCO to create a new whiffle ball / kickball field to go with the playground at the Oakland Schools Police site. This program allows the officers to get involved in the community in a positive way and help build lasting friendships with the youth. CLICK HERE TO SEE PICTURES



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