Winter is Fast Approaching… Schedule Your Work Accordingly!

As the rainy season moves in and the temperatures begin to drop this winter, it becomes obvious that some aspects of property maintenance are just not feasible.  For example, it makes no sense to seal coat your parking lot at this time of year, because there is not enough warmth in the ground to have the seal coat cure properly, resulting in a sub-par product that will need to be addressed in the spring time.  We avoid situations like that because it wastes your time and our time, but most importantly it creates unneeded expenses for you that could be avoided by scheduling the work for the spring time, when the seal coat will have time to properly cure.

However, there is work that can be done all-year round, regardless of the weather conditions.  One area that you can continue scheduling through the winter is fence & iron work.  Whether you are in need of chain link installation/repair, iron gates, or ornamental fencing, DRYCO can provide exceptional service and results in any weather condition.

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Iron Fence 1
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In addition, DRYCO can bring your parking lot up to ADA Compliant standards, including handrails, striping, & signage.

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Call DRYCO to schedule your Fence, Iron, & ADA work today!



DRYCO Carnival 2014

On Sunday October 12th, the employees, friends, and family of DRYCO Construction, Inc. descended upon Central Park’s Lake Elizabeth in Fremont, CA for a day of fun in the sun. The office employees planned and executed a Carnival lasting from 12-5pm for the friends, families, and crew members of DRYCO Construction. The weather was perfect with temperatures ranging throughout the day from the mid-80s to the low 90s. Over 350 attendees came out to enjoy the event and celebrate coming together and displaying appreciation for every single person that is a part of our company.

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The main attractions of the Carnival were the crew-built games. Over the past 6 months, the crews worked diligently in teams to create and construct games as part of an internal culture-building competition (more about that later). These creative and completely built from scratch games included skee-ball, tricycle basketball, building blocks puzzle races, washer toss, sailboat water gun races, and a large-scale balloon dart board.

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Smaller activity booths for the Carnival included a fishing game, duck pond, face painting, temporary tattoos, animal balloons, lollipop tree, and “Pin the Face on Daren.”

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In addition to the booths, there was an obstacle course, two bounce houses, and a pumpkin carving station with 80 pumpkins ready to be carved into crafty faces.

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A number of team events took place at the Carnival as well, including Tug-O-War competitions, spoon-egg races, three-legged races, and sack races. There was even a series of “cake walk” competitions, wherein desserts donated by DRYCO employees were won by participants lasting to the end of a game similar to musical chairs.

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We can’t forget to mention all of the great eats and drinks throughout the day, because it’s not a Carnival without carnival food! There were booths set up for popcorn, nachos, snow cones, and the all-important cotton candy stand. As for the more meal-worthy foods, the regular staples were all there: hotdogs, hamburgers, potato salad, salad, and chips. In addition, we were fortunate enough to have one of the crew members augment the entertainment by bringing his PA system and a mobile griddle that he used to prepare over 400 tacos for everyone to enjoy. To quench one’s thirst, there was soda and water available all day, as well as kegs of beer for those of age to enjoy.

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You may be wondering what inspired the workers of DRYCO to put on this incredible event. There is no single answer to that question. The seeds of this Carnival were planted way back in early 2013, when the employees of DRYCO came together to create a company-wide Culture Initiative. The results of that process defined the values of DRYCO as a company: Teamwork, Open Communication, Fun, Integrity, and Trust. The acronym of the values soon became the mantra of DRYCO and has continued to be an important aspect of the company since its inception. The values define what it means “TO-FIT” at DRYCO.

Values Gear - TOFIT

Throughout the past year and a half, DRYCO has been holding events emphasizing each of the company values, culminating in the Carnival that reflects upon all of the values. It took every DRYCO employee incorporating every DRYCO value to ensure a successful event. There is no way that the Carnival would have been a success without teamwork, open communication, fun, integrity, and trust.

Overall, it was a great day, a great event, and most importantly, a great coming together of friends and family of DRYCO Construction, Inc.

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