[Press Release] DRYCO Construction Purchases Northern California Fence Company

Northern California Fence was recently acquired by DRYCO Construction, Inc., headquartered in Fremont, CA.  DRYCO has been a leader in the commercial pavement maintenance industry for over 30 years, and has welcomed the loyal and experienced employees of Northern California Fence to its organization.  Whether you need ADA upgrades, parking lot maintenance, parking lot repairs, concrete construction & floor finishing, fencing, and/or a seal coat, DRYCO is equipped to handle all aspects of your paving and fencing needsServicing the entire state of California and Nevada, DRYCO really is your all-in-one asphalt, concrete and fencing contractor.

Although the ownership is changing, the name will remain the same.  Northern California Fence is now a subdivision of DRYCO Construction, Inc.  DRYCO has promised to maintain current operations while investing new dollars in the newly acquired Northern California Fence assets.  DRYCO will be educating employees, updating equipment, and upgrading computers to allow us to serve you more efficiently as Northern California Fence.

Over the next few months we will be in the process of integrating this new company into the DRYCO family.  It is our goal to continue providing the highest level of service during this time and we look forward to long and mutually beneficial relationships with all of our customers.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would like additional information.

Diane Rebecchi, Director of Business Development
408-202-8234    dianer@dryco.com

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DRYCO Summer Paving Seminars

The DRYCO Summer Paving Seminars are fast approaching.  Topics covered in the seminars will include the types and uses of various pavements, how to address failed pavement, tips on increasing the life of pavement, and much more.

On August 1st, DRYCO Construction, Inc. President and founder Daren Young will put on another of his award winning* seminars for the Sacramento region.  On August 22nd, Daren will put on a seminar for the Bay Area region.

Entertaining and informative, this seminar will give you the information you need to make you “dangerous”!

There are still a few spots open for these seminar, so if you act fast, you can still get in.  If the spaces fill up before you get a chance to register, you can wait-list for a cancellation, or per-register for the fall seminar in November.

Can’t make it to the Seminar?  We can come to you!  DRYCO offers “Lunch N’ Learns”, a condensed version of the four-hour seminar.  DRYCO “Lunch N’ Learns” are a one-to-two hour seminar customized for your company’s needs, with lunch included of course.  These sessions are typically for offices with multiple interested participants, and can be put on at your office or DRYCO’s; your choice!

To register for the Sacramento Pavement Maintenance Seminar, or schedule a “Lunch N’ Learn” session in the Sacramento area, please contact Juli Hunt:
JuliH@DRYCO.com  (209) 813-3545

To register for the Fremont Pavement Maintenance Seminar, or schedule a “Lunch N’ Learn” session in the Fremont area, please contact Diane Rebecchi:
DianeR@DRYCO.com  (408) 202-8234

DRYCO Sacramento Summer 2014 Paving Seminar          DRYCO Fremont Summer 2014 Paving Seminar

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 More information on Seminars and “Lunch N’ Learns” can be found in the above flyers and on our website at:

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* Daren Young has won the self-appointed “DRYCO Man of the Year” award 29 consecutive years and counting.