The PASER Rating System 1-10

DRYCO Construction uses the PASER System. The PASER System as mentioned in the post below allows our estimators to examine the asphalt and rate it on a scale ranging from 1 to 10. 1 consists of failed asphalt and 10 consists of new freshly paved asphalt. Those two levels are simple; however, it’s the stages in between that are tricky. To make it simple we just skip the odd numbers, and use 2, 4, 6, and 8. The goal of the PASER System is to allow a contractor to examine your property, identify the problems, and come up with a solution quickly.  Take a moment and look at the chart below to identify what stage your parking lot is in.

10) Excellent- New Asphalt. Let the Asphalt set. In about a year, or when the asphalt starts to lose its flexibility you will want to seal coat. If you seal any earlier you will be wasting money. Striping Parking Lot DRYCO

8) Very Good- Little or no maintenance required. This category includes roads which have been recently seal coated or overlaid with new cold mix. It also includes recently constructed or overlaid roads which may show longitudinal or transverse cracks. All cracks are tight or sealed.
Paser Rating 8 DRYCO

6) GOOD- Consider preservative treatment. Asphalt is in sound structural condition but show definite signs of aging. Seal coating could extend its useful life. There may be slight surface raveling. Transverse cracks can be frequent, less than 10‘ apart. Cracks may be half an inch” and sealed or open. First signs of block cracking may be evident. May have slight or moderate bleeding or polishing. Patches are in good condition.
Paser Rating 6 DRYCO

4) FAIR- Structural improvement required. Parking lot shows first signs of major failing and will need an overlay. It has very severe surface raveling which should no longer be sealed. First longitudinal cracking appears in the wheel path. Many transverse cracks and some may be raveling slightly. Over 50% of the surface may have block cracking. Patches are in fair condition. They may have rutting less than half a inch deep or slight distortion.
Paser Rating 4 DRYCO

2) VERY POOR- Reconstruction required. Asphalt is severely deteriorated and needs reconstruction. Surface pulverization and additional base may be cost-effective. These parking lots might have more than 25% alligator cracking, severe distortion or rutting, as well as potholes or extensive patches in poor condition.
Paser Rating 2 DRYCO

1) FAILED – Reconstruction required. Asphalt has failed, showing severe distress and extensive loss of surface integrity.
Paser Rating 1 DRYCO

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Information provided by: Wisconsin Transportation Information Center


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