Lets go Giants!!!

Congratulations to our San Francisco Giants. It has been quite a show, can’t wait for the grand finale. As one of our favorite customers, we’ll be rooting for you till the end.

Good thing we installed the extra strength fencing to withstand all that fan excitement… Best of luck guys.



DRYCO Hitting Nothing But Net!

This past week DRYCO Construction put the final touches on The Good Tidings Basketball Courts at Brookdale Park sponsored by The Good Tidings Foundation. This project marks the 100th athletic facility completed by The Good Tidings Foundation.  In 1999 Larry Harper, the founder of The Good Tidings Foundation was looking for a contractor to help renovate old broken down courts in low income communities, he contacted DRYCO and the rest is history.  Brookdale Park was our first project with Good Tidings and since then we have completed over 35 of their 100 projects.

We have worked with The Good Tidings foundation for over thirteen years repairing and resurfacing basketball, tennis, and wiffle ball courts. We believe in supporting our local community and can’t think of a better way  to help out the youth, and encourage a healthy lifestyle. Every year we complete approximately four courts for Good Tidings and participate in their annual fundraisers such as the Stadium Stampede, and The Pro-Am Golf Tournament.  We are proud to work with, and support The Good Tidings Foundation with their projects throughout The Bay Area.

We spent a few days on site and took some great pictures that show what exactly goes into renovating a basketball court. It took just over a week and a half to fully renovate Brookdale’s Basketball Courts. Below you can even see pictures from the first court in 1999 before and after. If you have any questions or would like more information feel free to contact us at www.DRYCO.com

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Communicating with Tenants

Communication is essential when working on any project. It allows for the correct stairwell to be turned into a ramp, the right piece of asphalt to be removed and replaced, and the correct parking gate to be unlocked. Over-communicating from start to finish allows us to work efficiently and quickly. Over communicating is so important we now include tenants in the process. We offer informative signage that can be posted before the work starts, allowing your tenants and managers to plan accordingly, and thus reducing frustration.

Signage Includes:

  • Door Hangers- Friendly and informative hangers for every tenant: Includes sitemap, schedule, contact, and a short apology for the minor inconvenience.
  • Car Flyers- Informative signs that can be placed on car windshields and garage doors: Includes sitemap, schedule, contact, and a short apology for the minor inconvenience. Similar to the door hangers but are larger in size and single sided.
  • Enlarged Street Signs- A hybrid of the door hanger and car flyer. We take the information and sitemap and enlarge it so it can be easily seen in a car. We place these signs in high traffic areas to help gain awareness.

By taking these simple steps we minimize tenants frustration during the construction phase by keeping them informed. We understand that not every job requires these free means of communication, however they are available upon request.

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