DRYCO Summer Paving Seminar Friday July 27

What is the most important part of a flexible pavement section? Many of you may be thinking asphalt. While that is obviously the most visible component, the correct answer is right under your feet and it’s called the sub-grade. Sub-grade is the type of soil beneath the pavement, which determines how the pavement designs are made and is a key factor in the life of a paved section. There are three types of sub-grades: sandy soils, clay soils and rocky soils. Do you know which type is found here is California?

Discover the answer and MORE….

Join us on Friday, July 27 for the FREE DRYCO Summer Pavement Maintenance Seminar. This seminar covers various topics to help you understand the costs of pavement maintenance and thoroughly teaches what must be done to minimize long-term costs. When bidding out paving project, it is vital to fully understand the process, materials and timelines. Do not miss out on this opportunity to receive FREE information on how to efficiently utilize your budget to keep your properties well maintained. See what past seminar attendees have to say. BREAKFAST AND LUNCH ARE PROVIDED. Click here for the event flyer.

How do you sign up?

Contact Aubrey Caton at (510) 754-3921 or via email, AubreyC@dryco.com


DRYCO Construction, Inc: 42745 Boscell Rd. Fremont, CA 94538. Friday, July 27, 8:30am-1:00pm. Breakfast/registration begin at 8:15.

Click Here for more information


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