DRYCO teams up with Sharky and the Good Tidings Foundation

After just finishing up the Chris Mullin Court DRYCO is at it again working on another project for the Good Tidings Foundation. This Spring DRYCO worked at Goss Elementary School in San Jose, customizing the hockey court with the San Jose Sharks logo and colors. DRYCO has been working with the non-profit Good Tidings Foundation for more than ten years resurfacing and installing hockey, basketball, and tennis courts at schools, playgrounds, and other public facilities. It is all part of the mission of the Good Tidings Foundation to support arts, education, athletics, and dreams for youth from communities of need in the Greater Bay Area. Many times, local sports professionals also sponsor the project. Joe Thorton, captain of the San Jose Sharks, attend the dedication ceremony along with the Sharks mascot, local dignitaries, and representatives from DRYCO and the Good Tidings Foundation. Last May, DRYCO completed a big project with the Good Tidings Foundation and the Warriors at Mosswood playground Oakland that included two basketball courts and three tennis courts. Over the years, the courts at Mosswood have been home to basketball legends in their youth such as Bill Russell, Jason Kidd, Gary Payton, and Dwight Gooden. DRYCO also supports the Good Tidings Foundation by participating in the Foundation’s annual Pro-Am Golf Tournament, The Stadium Stampede and silent auction coming up this June. Click here for more information.


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