School District Pavement Maintenance Seminar 3/2/12

Here at DRYCO Construction, we understand budgets are tight and you need to be sure they are being spent wisely. In order to teach you how to most effectively utilize these budgets in regards to maintenance projects, you are invited to attend the first-ever DRYCO Pavement Maintenance Seminar completely geared toward school districts. This is a FREE event with breafast and lunch included. Click here for a convenient flyer form of this message.

DRYCO Paving Seminar

At this seminar, we will cover various topics to help you understand the costs of pavement maintenance and be aware of what must be done to minimize long-term costs. When you are deciding on whether to approve large expenditures, it is best to have all the facts regarding what the money is going towards and how prices are decided. Do not miss out on the opportunity to receive this FREE information on how to efficiently utilize your budget to keep your school facilities well maintained. See what past seminar attendees have to say.

What can you expect to take away from this seminar?

  • Deciding effectively when to get work done and why
  • Recognizing the difference between asphalt and concrete
  • Identifying the types of pavement failures and how to repair them
  • Understanding the life of pavement (the “Performance Curve”)
  • Learning differences between sub-grades and what affects them
  • Becoming familiar with a pavement management system
  • Knowing what value is and how to get it

Who should attend?

  • Superintendents
  • Maintenance Managers
  • Facilities Managers
  • Anyone else interested in learning more about pavement maintenance

How do you sign up? Contact Aubrey Caton at (510) 754-3921 or via email,

Where/When? DRYCO Construction, Inc: 42745 Boscell Rd. Fremont, CA 94538. Friday, March 2, 8:30am-1:00pm. Breakfast/registration begins at 8:15.

We hope you and your co-workers can join us!


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