The only thing better than a little asphalt is some football

Here at DRYCO we love our sports almost as much as we love our asphalt. There is nothing better than waking up to the smell of hot mixed asphalt in the morning, except for a cup of coffee and some football. This past season was a great year for the Niners and Raiders. They gave us something to cheer for and believe in. The Niners shot out of the gate and never looked back while the Raiders were rolling but unfortunately with injures to Mcfadden, and Campbell they could not keep the magic alive.

Its been awhile since the Niners have made the playoffs and this year we were so close to the super bowl we could almost smell it, but unfortunately it just wasn’t our time. However with the Niners squad mostly still intact and the Raiders starting off fresh once again we are very excited to see what this next season has in store for us.

This weekend we are looking forward to watching our bay area all-stars down in Hawaii for the Pro Bowl, and in the bottom of our hearts hoping for the super bowl next year.

Thanks again for giving us quite a show, can’t wait till next season!

Proud fans of The Bay Area Football