One of the hardest things in life is to draw a single straight line, when it comes to striping it’s no different.

      After speaking with Rick Flores the Coatings Division Manager at Dryco Construction we found out that there is much more to tennis courts and striping then just painting a straight line. Stripers and tennis court crews are just another name for artists. These types of jobs require craftsmanship, creativity and a lot of patience.

    Our striping and tennis court crews have been working an average of 70 hours per week in the summer to do what they do best… provide guidelines for our chaotic world. If it was not for these skillful workers the playgrounds, basketball courts, volleyball courts and indoor arenas that we enjoy would be one big squiggle line mess.

     One job we did this past year stood out in particular. It had a finishing touch only an expert could have added. The vibrant colors as shown in the picture above explain it all. This school wanted only a USA map, however after the final product was finished the project manager decided to add the whole world to their playground. This added something more appealing to the eye and brought more imagination for the kids to play on then rather than black asphalt.

   Another job that caught our eye was at a Sandbrook Residence in Los Altos. They had a fascination for basketball and wanted something different and unique that you could only find at their house.  Our tennis court crew was ready for the challenge. They used a real basketball and matched the colors perfectly to create a life size replica that was hand painted on the key and free throw line of the court. A Dryco employee said “I loved this idea so much that I am getting it painted in my backyard for my daughter, she loves basketball!!”

   Although these guys can paint you an everyday white straight line, they aren’t your average stripers. The skills these guys have are amazing! They definitely add a zest to our streets, neighborhoods, shopping centers, and our backyards. One line at a time!!

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