Did you know…There is an innovative process to rebuild your pavement that will help you save precious time and money?

Pavement begins to break down when the surface dries out and begins to crack. With heavy traffic and moisture penetrating underneath the pavement the structural integrity of the base begins to fail.


Full Depth Rehabilitation (FDR) is a process that has been around for years which utilizes failed pavement, base and subgrade to create a strong base that is impermeable to water and will last for an average of 20-30 years.  This process not only decreases the long term cost of pavement maintenance but also lowers the impact the project will have on the surrounding community by requiring less trucks to haul off debris and ultimately reduces the required construction time. Click here to read more.

Now What?

Are you interested in learning more about pavement maintenance so you are equipped with the necessary knowledge to make intelligent decisions regarding your property’s paving needs? Join DRYCO Construction for our Fall Pavement Maintenance Seminar on September 30!  Click here for further details.

For additional information and to register contact Aubrey Caton at (510) 754-3921 or by email at


DRYCO Construction Premier Paving Seminar 9/30/11

Intelligentcontracting decisions are just a seminar away…

DRYCO Construction is proud to announce our FREE Fall Paving and Maintenance Seminar. Daren Young, president and founder of DRYCO Construction, has created a presentation that is entertaining and informative. We will discuss multiple topics and cover everything you need to know including the most current technological processes being used in the industry. After the seminar you will be equipped with all the right questions to ask, understand the importance of bidding apples to apples, and have the confidence to receive optimal value on all projects.  Breakfast and lunch are provided.

See for yourself how past participants have found this event to be highly beneficial.

“I’ve attended other seminars in the past and did not learn a fraction of what I did today. Great presentation tools and spreadsheet planning examples!”
-Joshua F., ProLogis

What can you expect to take away from this seminar?

  • Recognizing the difference between asphalt and concrete
  • Distinguishing seal coat applications: spray versus squeegee     
  • Identifying the types of pavement failures and how to repair them
  • Understanding the life of pavement (the “Performance Curve”)
  • Learning differences between sub-grades and what affects them
  • Becoming familiar with a pavement management system
  • Knowing what value is and how to get it
  • Receiving knowledge about the most current technological processes

How do you sign up?  Contact Aubrey Caton at (510) 754-3921 or via email, Please provide your name, company and how many are attending.

Where and when? DRYCO Construction, Inc. 42745 Boscell Rd. Fremont, CA 94538. Friday, September 30, 8:30am-1:00pm. Breakfast and registration will begin at 8:15.

We hope you and your co-workers can join us! Click here to view a convenient flyer form of this message.
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