Asphalt Tip of the Week:

There are multiple types of asphalt maintenance, but hands down Seal Coating is the most cost-effective type of pavement maintenance out there. It maintains your asphalt’s flexibility while adding years to its use. Over time, the sun, wind and rain will cause asphalt to dry out and begin to crack. First thing you will notice is the color of the asphalt changing from a lovely solid black into a dull, deteriorating grey. Soon after the asphalt will start to crack and more evasive actions will be required to save the asphalt.

Spray On Seal Coating DRYCO
Squeegee Seal Coating DRYCO

This is why ideally the first Seal Coat should be applied close to a year after it was first paved. Then subsequent Seal Coats should be applied every 3 to 5 years depending on your climate, daily traffic, and your budget. We recommend you view your asphalt the same way you view your car. It’s an important investment and a constant part of your life, so why not protect it!