Paving 101, What You Need to Know

DRYCO Construction, Inc. is offering a great opportunity for Property Managers, Project Managers, Facilities/Maintenance employees. For anyone who might be interested in asphalt and concrete, here’s a chance to learn from the best in the Industry. DRYCO has created two seminars for the month of June.

• The first seminar will be held in Stockton, CA on June 17th for the Northern California/Sacramento Area. CLICK HERE for details.
• The second seminar will be held in San Jose, CA on June 24th for the Bay/ Silicon Valley Area. CLICK HERE for details.

These seminars will teach you the difference between asphalt and concrete. How to prepare to “Go to bid” and ensure your bids are “apples to apples”. We’ll show you what value is and teach you how to attain it. New methods of reconstruction and seal coating will be explained in a way that’s simple to understand. We’ll make you “dangerous” to contractors by equipping you with the tools you’ll need to keep them honest. This is a great opportunity to educate yourself, learn new methods that have been developed for parking lot management, and enjoy a great afternoon with your peers.

For more information about these seminars please call DRYCO at 510-438-6500 and ask for Seth Nagle,or send me an Email at


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